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 Ash Tales is open to submissions from up-and-coming writers.
If you’d like to have your short story featured on the website, fill in the contact form below.


Submission Details

  • Stories need to be post-apocalyptic, apocalyptic or dystopian in nature.

  • We’ll accept stories up to and including 2,000 words (we can flex if it’s a killer story).

  • Please upload in .doc, .docx or .txt format.

Benefits of Publication

Published stories will be featured on the Ash Tales site, and shared with thousands of post apocalyptic aficionados through our social media accounts and weekly newsletter.

Great stories will also be considered for inclusion in the Ash Tales podcast, where they’ll be the subject of a dedicated, fully-narrated episode.

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Q. Who can get featured?

A. Ash Tales is a straight-up meritocracy: your writing speaks for itself, and if it’s good, it gets featured. We’ve featured first-time writers and seasoned authors alike, so get in touch!


Q. Will you publish excerpts from books?

A. Absolutely. If you’ve written a post apocalyptic novel and you’re looking to promote it to the Ash Tales audience, drop me a line – I’d be happy to publish a standalone chapter to promote your work.


Q. What about copyright?

A. You retain the rights to your original content, and we welcome pieces submitted to multiple sites.


Q. Is there another way I can get in touch with you?

A. Yep – drop me a line at ryan at