I’ve always been fascinated by the apocalypse, but I’m all too aware that other people don’t share my fascination.

Where I love asking “What if?”, most people find the topic understandably uncomfortable. As a result, from my love of The Road, to my interest in bug out bags and survivalism, my indulgences in the post apocalyptic have always been quiet and relatively private (with the exception of creating a big ol’ website on the topic).

The Watcher was written as a way to explore these differences in attitude.

The basic premise of the story is simple: a man and a woman, living together in isolation, two survivors of an unseen, unspoken catastrophe. In the aftermath of disaster, the man’s preparedness and preparation pays off – the couple find themselves safe and secure, living in relative paradise, even by today’s standards.

But for all the happiness the man finds in his survival, he finds himself powerless to help his wife feel the same way.

The Watcher is a short, reflective story, and it explores the nuances of “surviving” an apocalypse. In doing so, it poses a simple question:

Even if you’re able to cope disaster, will life be worth living if those you care about can’t?

The Watcher - Post Apocalyptic Short Story by Ryan Law

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