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The Watcher - Post Apocalyptic Short Story by Ryan Law

He sat in the hide and watched the rain fall. He watched the big, broad leaved trees shudder with every raindrop, and he watched great evergreens weather the storm without acknowledgement. Water trickled over the lip of the hide, and occasionally the wind would blow it inwards. When he grew too cold, he’d reach for the hip flask inside his coat. The whisky was sweet and mild, and warmed him from the inside out.


All the Elders Orphans - Melissa Dykes

War came in the summer like a heat wave. Moving through the country fast and hot but lasting only a season, it burned the land and scorched the lives of its inhabitants. All living things struggled; most died.

But here and there, what was left glowed and smoked, willing itself not back, but on.


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The 50 Best Post Apocalyptic Books

To help you choose between a massive selection of post apocalyptic books, I’ve scoured the web, my own bookshelves, and even something called a library, in order to bring you a selection of the 50 greatest post apocalyptic books ever written.

I’ve included some of the genre’s most revered stories, alongside some seriously underrated novels that may have passed under your radar.


The 50 Greatest Post Apocalyptic Movies

I’ve collated a cross-section of cinema’s biggest, boldest and bleakest looks at the end of the world.

From huge Hollywood blockbusters to low-budget big-thrills independent films, the 50 post apocalyptic movies covered here offer a thorough grounding in the genre’s finest creations: from the classic zombie apocalypse storyline to nuclear Armageddon, and even a handful of weird and wonderful end of the world scenarios.


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