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The Good People - Post Apocalyptic Short Story by Ryan Law

They were called “The Good People”. They turned up at the settlement every six months, near as Arch could tell. They’d travel through the fiercest rainstorms, fight their way through the wildfires that swept the ravaged countryside, even risk being caught outside when winter came, just to come back to Desolation. And he couldn’t understand it. Why come here?


Warhead Saul's Last Leg - Post Apocalyptic Short Story by Jon Xavier

Interstate 90 was a shooting gallery. The winners were the gods who lived in the mountains and fortresses on either side, gods who watched over the world night and day through their divine scopes; the losers were the foolish mortals who thought that they could walk the road. He was one of those foolish mortals of course but unlike the others he had a trick. He looked picked clean. He wasn’t even wearing any boots.


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