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Featured Short Stories

The Watcher - Post Apocalyptic Short Story by Ryan Law

He sat in the hide and watched the rain fall. He watched the big, broad leaved trees shudder with every raindrop, and he watched great evergreens weather the storm without acknowledgement. Water trickled over the lip of the hide, and occasionally the wind would blow it inwards. When he grew too cold, he’d reach for the hip flask inside his coat. The whisky was sweet and mild, and warmed him from the inside out.


Warhead Saul's Last Leg - Post Apocalyptic Short Story by Jon Xavier

Interstate 90 was a shooting gallery. The winners were the gods who lived in the mountains and fortresses on either side, gods who watched over the world night and day through their divine scopes; the losers were the foolish mortals who thought that they could walk the road. He was one of those foolish mortals of course but unlike the others he had a trick. He looked picked clean. He wasn’t even wearing any boots.


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